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Igbajo Poly Rector Frowns at indecent dressing

  • Igbajo Poly Rector Frowns at indecent dressing

    • Posted August 14th, 2023, 10:23 AM

    Igbajo Poly Rector Frowns at indecent dressing

    …Says student found wanting would be dealt with

    The Acting Rector of Igbajo Polytechnic, Engineer Okandeji said the students of the institution should henceforth stop coming to school in a provocative wears.

    He said this when he was having meeting with the management of the school yesterday, he said the kind of a dress put on by people depict the kind of person he or she is and the kind of home the person came from.

    He said a student coming to school is a representative of the background the student came from and that an average student suppose to know that he or she is representing his or her family, coming to school in an indecent wears means that such student lacks home training. He said the institution is basically for education and moral learning and not a bar or an hotel, he said that the way one dressed will depict the way he or she would be addressed.

    In attempt to achieve this, the management of the institution had mapped out strategies of how this would be achieved. Part of the strategies was the mounting of banners throughout the school campus.